Institute for Diplomatic Dialogue in the Americas

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IDDA included in the  Registry of Civil Society Organizations in the OAS

Board of Directors

Joan Andorfer

Douglas Friedman

Andrew Schlewitz

Mark Sachleben

Leonor Blum

Colleen Ebacher

Natalia Escobar-Pemberthy

Sara Grove

Maria de la
Luz Matus-Mendoza

Dario Pereyra

Guy Shroyer

          The IDDA is dedicated to advancing, primarily through educational programs, the cause of diplomacy in international relations, with a particular focus on the activities of the Organization of American States.  The IDDA is a non-profit organization established to promote and organize an annual university student model simulating the General Assembly of the Organization of American States.  The IDDA is committed to developing financial and educational support for the Washington Model  Organization of American States (WMOAS), and to publish reports and educational materials about OAS activities and issues, to aid in preparation for the WMOAS.  The IDDA seeks to maintain an effective network with other organizations and institutions to promote the goals of the IDDA and diplomacy in international relations in the hemisphere.  The IDDA was founded and incorporated in 2009 to continue the goals and mission of the Inter American Institute for Diplomacy (IAID) and to expand the scope of activities for students, faculty, and alumni of the WMOAS begun by the IAID in 2000.  Many faculty serving on the IDDA Board have participated in Model OAS activities since the 1980s.